Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gearing Up

Adorable Halloween costumes - check
Personalized jack -o-lanterns for trick-or-treating (which we won't really be doing; this year Halloween is nothing more than a photo op) - check
Babies' first Halloween cards from Hallmark - check
Halloween story books - check
2008 Halloween Beanie Babies - check
Babies' first Halloween pj's - check

I think we have everything we need for the girls' first Halloween. I've been reading them Mary Englebreit's The Queen of Halloween for weeks. We're ready; we're excited. Now we just have to wait for October 31st...and so do you! That's the problem with being over-prepared!

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Anonymous said...

Granny's day care had a good day! If was not as crazy as I was expecting. The girls ate on time and napped on time, so did Dylan. We have one day down and 4 years to go. I love all my babies!