Saturday, March 30, 2013

'Twas the Night Before Easter

I'm pretty sure Anna Claire and Mallory are sound asleep {it's 8pm}, but I'm giving them a few more minutes just to be sure. They were SO tired tonight after a fun filled day hunting more eggs, visiting with Peter Cotton Tail, and dyeing Easter eggs.

I can't believe it, but they are already questioning the authenticity of the Easter Bunny {they aren't even five years old!}, so I've got to be careful. Here's an example: Anna Claire asked me this morning if the Easter Bunny was really a human because when she hugged him at school Thursday she though the felt a human leg. I explained that bunnies had bones just like humans did and gave the example of Cody and Tanner having had bones under their fur and it was just like that with the Easter Bunny; she seemed satisfied with that...for now.
They are growing up too fast!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday Evening, Y'all

Spring Break has officially begun. Hooray!
Just wanted to share a few quick pics from Anna Claire and Mallory's Easter egg hunt at playschool yesterday. Guess what? It ended warming up a bit after all and turned into a really beautiful day. We all had a great time {Granny and Grandmom were there, too}, and I am so happy I got to sneak away from work for a little while to be there!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Waiting for the Easter Warm-Up

Last night Walter and I filled 28 {!!!} plastic eggs with candy, and I put together little treat bags for Anna Claire and Mallory's Easter egg hunt at playschool later this morning...and it's gonna be cold! It's hard to wear cute little Easter dresses when it's literally freezing outside.

The girls have never had a cold Easter. Let's take a little stroll down memory lane...


Is this really their fifth Easter?...but that means they're going to be FIVE soon??!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion

This afternoon Mallory told me God should not have let it get warm and then made it cold again. She said God was frustrating her.

{I kind of agree with her.}

This was Anna Claire on St. Patrick's Day. It was SO warm and sunny. Where did all that warm weather and sunshine go? Spring Break is next week!!

And this is the guy at Best Buy telling me they can't fix my camera {ha! I laughed out loud tonight when I saw this pic on my camera}. I was already grouchy because it was cold and rainy on Saturday {and Sunday}, but he added insult to injury!

Spring Break needs to hurry up and get here...but I am NOT ready for Easter!! I got motivated a couple weeks ago when the time changed and the weather was warm; we put up a few decorations, but I have nothing else to show for it. I've got to get hoppin'! {get it? Easter bunnies hop!!??}

Never mind. I should be watching DWTS...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easy as 1 ~ 2 ~ 3

Yay! I got some embroidery and sewing done last week in time for Anna Claire and Mallory's spring school pictures. For the first time I embroidered a collared blouse...I had NO idea what I was doing, but it turned out to be as easy as 1) hooping the collar {and stabilizer} only...
2) stitching the letters...
3) voila! two precious blouses for the girls to wear under their new spring jumpers!
My new favorite picture of Anna Claire... 

I love this chevron stripe; it reminds me of an Easter egg. It's happi by Dena Fishbein, and I used my favorite Bonnie Blue Abigail lined jumper pattern...also easy as 1~2~3!
Can't wait to get the girls' school pictures back. I hope they turned out cute! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Congratulations, Danielle and Brian!

Anna Claire and Mallory attended their first wedding Saturday when my cousin Danielle got married. They have been waiting for this wedding for about excited!! The kiss, the cake, the first's all we've been talking about. 
I think Anna Claire and Mallory might have been the third and fourth most excited people at the wedding next to the beautiful bride and handsome groom...
 Oh, I wish Anna Claire had been smiling. What a pretty picture these three make!
 Crystal, this one's for you!
 Mallory was a little tired and mostly content to hang out at our table...
Anna Claire wanted to dance, dance, dance. I am SO out of touch and didn't know the steps to any of the line dances {doesn't anyone do the Electric Slide anymore??}. She and I pretty much just jumped around in a circle in our own little corner of the dance floor.
Then my camera fell off the table and broke...literally {Mallory's favorite new word}. :-(

I wish I'd gotten more pics. It was a beautiful day, a beautiful wedding, and Danielle and Brian will no doubt have a beautiful marriage!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Who Wears the Pants in the Family?

Granny made Anna Claire and Mallory eight {!} pairs of pants last week in four super cute spring colors/patterns! This is our favorite go-to pants pattern, Jillian by Bonnie Blue, and they are so easy to make. My mom makes sure to "hide" a little length behind the ruffle so we can take the hem out as the girls grow AND she makes sure the chevron stripes match up at the seams. Ain't nobody got time for that at this house, so I'm grateful to my mom for taking her time to get these pants made for us! The girls are getting tall and are growing out of their winter pants, so these cuties were finished just in time for this week's warmer temperatures.

Too bad I haven't got any pics of Anna Claire and Mallory wearing their new pants...Granny gets them dressed for school after I leave for work. I'll have to be sure to get them to do some modeling for me this weekend!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tiwsted Sisters

Upper respiratory infections had us feeling icky most of last week, but Anna Claire and Mallory thankfully started feeling more like themselves Saturday. Sick little ones is NO fun, but being a sick mommy having to take care of sick little ones really stinks!

It was good to see the girls feeling well enough to play a game of twister Saturday afternoon ~ hilarious!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Little Chef

Granny is quickly becoming the play school seamstress. She made two of these chef hats for the "bakery center" in Anna Claire and Mallory's class. A few weeks ago she made slip covers for the reading center cushions. Wonder what project the girls' teacher will have her working on next?

We had a very busy weekend with three birthday parties, a baby shower and church. Other than that, nothing much is going on. Our laptop is in the shop...with my SD card inside, so I don't have any pictures to share other than what's on my phone...and that isn't much.

The pollen has already gotten to Anna Claire and me ~ scratchy throats and stuffy noses; I had hoped all the rain we had in February would have washed it away before it ever had a chance, but it doesn't seem that's the case. Zyrtec for everyone!

Mallory came home yesterday and told me she was picked for line leader..."the bestest job in the whole world!" she proudly proclaimed grinning ear to ear.

This weekend promises to be low~key. We are looking forward to NO RAIN and warmer temps...finally!! it really only Tuesday?