Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion

This afternoon Mallory told me God should not have let it get warm and then made it cold again. She said God was frustrating her.

{I kind of agree with her.}

This was Anna Claire on St. Patrick's Day. It was SO warm and sunny. Where did all that warm weather and sunshine go? Spring Break is next week!!

And this is the guy at Best Buy telling me they can't fix my camera {ha! I laughed out loud tonight when I saw this pic on my camera}. I was already grouchy because it was cold and rainy on Saturday {and Sunday}, but he added insult to injury!

Spring Break needs to hurry up and get here...but I am NOT ready for Easter!! I got motivated a couple weeks ago when the time changed and the weather was warm; we put up a few decorations, but I have nothing else to show for it. I've got to get hoppin'! {get it? Easter bunnies hop!!??}

Never mind. I should be watching DWTS...

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