Sunday, November 29, 2009

We had lots of fun playing outside this afternoon. A couple of weeks ago at the family yard sale the girls discovered a box of chalk in my grandmother's garage and had a blast drawing on absolutely everything in sight that day, so I picked up a huge box of sidewalk chalk from Target the other day - what a worthwhile investment!

Mallory saying "wow!"Our sidewalk mural... Anna Claire loved the frog I drew so much she kissed the driveway - I am not kidding!
Chalk is messy. Just look at Mallory's bottom. After a while, Walter decided he would put together a tent in the front yard. I didn't think there was anyway he would get it put together, but it was actually quite easy and the girls had fun playing in it (mostly walking in and out of it). Mallory pretending to sleep...
Anna Claire pretending to sleep...

As the novelty of the chalk and the tent wore off and dinnertime got closer, the girls started hanging out around the front door. I think they were trying to tell us something.
We have had a great Thanksgiving break, but tomorrow it is back to work. Just three weeks until Christmas break begins!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Santa's Workshop

Santa's elves (aka Mommy and Daddy) just finished putting together Anna Claire and Mallory's "big" Christmas present. And it took us just under two hours. Now, we just have to find a way to keep it hidden from the girls for the next three weeks.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Anna Claire and Mallory had a great Thanksgiving.

They ate turkey, mac & cheese, butter beans, broccoli casserole, and biscuits...and still asked for seconds. No sweet potato casserole for them - too much sugar! - though I think Granny may have also snuck them both a few bites of cheesecake for dessert.

The girls had fun visiting with my dad's side of the family, eating, playing, and jumping on the trampoline. And you won't believe it, but Mallory took a 2 hour and 45 minute nap!

Since the girls are a bit older this year, I thought holidays might go more smoothly, but I was wrong; things were still a bit on the hectic side. What was I thinking, right? So, I wasn't able to get many pictures. Here are just a few...
We sure hope Connor is feeling better soon. It's no fun being sick at the holidays. Now, I'm off to get myself organized for Black Friday!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Break Has Begun!

The girls and I were home alone all day today (poor Walter had to work) and boy, did we have fun together! After a brief breakfast-time meltdown by Mallory, we had a great day. I guess she got that out of her system early. It was cold and damp outside, so we stayed inside all day, and I think we played with every toy in the house!

Anna Claire strolled her babies and lovies all over the house. She insists on fitting everyone in the stroller and gets quite frustrated when one topples out. Look at that face...that's what I get when I ask her to smile. Not quite a smile, but so cute! In this picture she has two frogs, one baby doll, Sparky, Lovie Bunny, a walrus, and her sippy cup.
The girls love playing with blankets, which makes good use of the gazillion receiving blankets I received as baby shower gifts. They wrap up themselves and their babies, and like to be siting on blankets if they are playing on the floor. This is how I found Mallory this morning as the girls helped me put laundry away. She snuck away to get a peek at her cartoons...

Tomorrow is Turkey Day and this year the girls will actually get to eat all the yummy food - their firstThanksgiving feast!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Fun at the Playground

These pictures were from last weekend, and I totally forgot they were on my camera. Right before we left the house, Anna Claire caught sight of her beach hat and insisted on wearing it - in November. The hats are so cute and it was a sunny day, but I did not encourage her because it totally clashed with her outfit. Then Mallory got a case of "monkey see-monkey do," so what's a mom to do, but cave in and let the girls wear their sun hats to the playground.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Girls and Their Babies

Anna Claire and Mallory, but especially Anna Claire, love their baby dolls. Mallory insists on having her baby doll swaddled for cartoons on the weekends and then wants to be wrapped up in a blanket, too.
What do the girls love more than their baby dolls? Why, their lovies of course! Anna Claire carries her lovies (which most frequently include her Lovie Bunny and Froggie) all over the house. She is a very attentive mommy taking great care of all her "lovies." Mallory's favorite lovies include Sparky and Lovie Bear. Of course, I don't have any pictures of the girls with their lovies, but I'll work on that!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Two Hours

That's how long all four of us napped this afternoon. Aaahhhhh...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Black Beard Beans

Mallory just cannot eat enough black beans. She loves them, and here's the proof:

Fall Back

The girls seem to be adjusted to the time change now, but waking up extra-early Sunday morning before mommy had the chance to get herself ready for the day meant the girls got to watch cartoons in our bed.

Please notice that Mallory never takes her eyes off the TV in any of these pictures. She loves to watch cartoons - maybe too much!

A Girl and Her [Mommy's] Shoes

Coming...and going... A while back I posted a picture of Mallory wearing Walter's flip flops. The girl loves to wear shoes - hers, mine, and ours. I walked back to the nursery with Anna Claire this weekend to change her diaper, and when we came out of the girls' room who met us in the hallway but Mallory wearing my shoes! Apparently she had walked all the way down the hall to come find us then turned around and walked all the way back up the hallway to the living room all the while keeping my shoes on her feet!