Sunday, November 29, 2009

We had lots of fun playing outside this afternoon. A couple of weeks ago at the family yard sale the girls discovered a box of chalk in my grandmother's garage and had a blast drawing on absolutely everything in sight that day, so I picked up a huge box of sidewalk chalk from Target the other day - what a worthwhile investment!

Mallory saying "wow!"Our sidewalk mural... Anna Claire loved the frog I drew so much she kissed the driveway - I am not kidding!
Chalk is messy. Just look at Mallory's bottom. After a while, Walter decided he would put together a tent in the front yard. I didn't think there was anyway he would get it put together, but it was actually quite easy and the girls had fun playing in it (mostly walking in and out of it). Mallory pretending to sleep...
Anna Claire pretending to sleep...

As the novelty of the chalk and the tent wore off and dinnertime got closer, the girls started hanging out around the front door. I think they were trying to tell us something.
We have had a great Thanksgiving break, but tomorrow it is back to work. Just three weeks until Christmas break begins!

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