Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Break Has Begun!

The girls and I were home alone all day today (poor Walter had to work) and boy, did we have fun together! After a brief breakfast-time meltdown by Mallory, we had a great day. I guess she got that out of her system early. It was cold and damp outside, so we stayed inside all day, and I think we played with every toy in the house!

Anna Claire strolled her babies and lovies all over the house. She insists on fitting everyone in the stroller and gets quite frustrated when one topples out. Look at that face...that's what I get when I ask her to smile. Not quite a smile, but so cute! In this picture she has two frogs, one baby doll, Sparky, Lovie Bunny, a walrus, and her sippy cup.
The girls love playing with blankets, which makes good use of the gazillion receiving blankets I received as baby shower gifts. They wrap up themselves and their babies, and like to be siting on blankets if they are playing on the floor. This is how I found Mallory this morning as the girls helped me put laundry away. She snuck away to get a peek at her cartoons...

Tomorrow is Turkey Day and this year the girls will actually get to eat all the yummy food - their firstThanksgiving feast!

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