Friday, July 19, 2013

InstaFriday ~ A Sneak Peek at Our Week

We're back from the beach and I still haven't made time to share a proper post on Disney, so who knows when I'll get around to sharing all the fun we had at the beach this summer. Counter tops are in, faucets are in {mostly}, bedroom carpet is in {finally}. It's been a busy, messy week around here, so I am loving this little look back at life at the beach...
One of our favorite things to do at the beach {there are so many} is to take evening golf cart rides. On this particular night the ocean breeze and setting sun lulled Mallory to sleep in no time!

Have you read The Language of Flowers? I devoured it at the beach ~ I loved every word of it and highly recommend it. 
On our last night we took a walk on the beach and what did we see but a rainbow over the ocean ~ so pretty!
The girls and I have been enjoying trips our trips to the library this summer. Here's my lineup for the next three weeks...
Sweet Frog opened while we were at the beach, so after going to see Monster's University today, the girls and I had our first chance to stop in for the yummiest frozen yogurt. I can see this becoming an addiction!

We hope you've had a great week, as well!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Instafriday ~ A Peek at Our Week

Another week is quickly coming to an end, and even though we're at the beach this week through Sunday and there's still plenty of summer fun to be had, I can't help that I've already begun the back to school count down. To help me forget August is right around the corner, here are a few Instagram snaps from our week…

Before leaving for the beach, we celebrated Connor's birthday by visiting the playground for a while before going to get some frozen yogurt at Yohut. We're excited to get home from the beach for one reason ~ Sweet Frog opened up near us just this week. We've been waiting for what seems like forever. I see A LOT of frozen yogurt in our future. 
This was a quick pic from our first night at the beach…

After her first full day of sand and sun Anna Claire was wiped out! There's nothing like a nice nap after a fun day at the beach. What I wouldn't give…

Mallory has been loving riding the waves on her new boogie board. She's already a pro. Anna Claire is a bit less interested and has more fun just floating along wearing her inflatable ring. The waves have been great for just hanging out in the water.

An impromptu tea party on the beach…

And Anna Claire has been getting creative designing mermaids out of sea shells on the sand. Can you "see" her mermaid?

We had a brief rain shower yesterday so we spent that time browsing the gift shops.  Mallory tripped and fell on the sidewalk hurting her knee, but a stop in the candy shop made things all better. 

Gotta have a picture of the girls names written in the sand to commemorate the week…

Last night we took a long walk on the beach. It was so nice I could have walked for miles. 

It looks like our last few days could be a washout with rain expected today and tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have a little sun tomorrow allowing us to play on the beach one more day before heading home Sunday…in the meantime, I was able to get a little reading done today. 
Speaking of home…our new countertops, sinks, and faucets were installed today. I cannot wait to get home and see everything in person!
Hope you all are having a great week!

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Friday, July 5, 2013

InstaFriday ~ a Peek at Our Week

Hey, everyone. It's summertime and the livin' is…busy! Not much time for blogging, but I have been loving Instagram. If you want to keep up with us this summer, following on Instagram might be your best bet {I've got a link over on the sidebar if you aren't following already}.

Here's just a quick peek at some of the fun we had this week...
After picking up the rental car Monday, the girls and I headed to the aquarium. We had the best time just be-bopping around the aquarium with no where to be and nothing else to do ~ it was a nice break from a fairly stressful weekend...and when we got home ALL the painting was finished! {pics soon!}

Tuesday morning we had Mickey Mouse pancakes. They were so good! More rain, and I finally got the house put back together now that the painters have cleared out.

Wednesday was another washout, so I took the girls for their first visit to the public library. I needed a few books for the beach next week, and I wanted them to understand how a library works before they start school next month {did I just say next month??!!}. They had a great time, did a very good job whispering, and came home with several books to enjoy!

Happy Independence Day! More rain on the fourth, but when you're already wet from swimming in the pool, there's really no need to take cover, right?
Today was pretty laid back, we played a lot, ate too much ice cream, it rained ~ again, and I still need to properly commemorate our Disney trip and the girls' dance recital ~ I have so many cute and silly pictures to share...hopefully I'll get to that soon!! Have a great weekend!!
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Anna Claire and Mallory's First Dance Recital ~ June 29, 2013

I was finally able to upload the video from Anna Claire and Mallory's first dance recital! The last few days have been a bit hectic {mommy ran into the parking garage wall with the minivan just before the recital Saturday, and we've had painters at the house for several days now ~ crazy town!!}; I am SO excited to finally share the video because I am SO proud of them!

They had a great year and worked really hard in dance class {which wasn't always easy on Friday afternoons!}. I think you can see in the video how proud they are of themselves. They had a very long night ~ their tap dance was at the very beginning and their ballet number was near the very end of the program. That was a lot of waiting around in a green room packed with about 30 five~year~olds and no air conditioning. Anna Claire ended up having a mini~meltdown early in the evening...which might account for her missing hair bow?? They were both so excited on stage, though, and did such a great job with their dance!

Hang in there for the full video {3:33} if you can because there's some classic Anna Claire sweetness at the end!

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