Sunday, November 28, 2010

Silent Night, Holy Moly

We keep a book basket in the living room and I rotate it with new books or counting books or holiday books or whatever the girls are "reading" at the moment. This morning I switched out the Halloween and Thanksgiving books in the book basket for Christmas books. The first one Anna Claire wanted to read was Silent Night. Both girls can recognize baby Jesus and the Nativity scene and Mallory even pointed out baby Jesus in the manger, but when I read the first line {Silent night, holy night}, Anna Claire asked, "Where's holy moly?" {I guess she's heard me say that a few times.} When we got to a picture of the three wisemen, I asked her if she knew what they brought baby Jesus. Her answer? Toys.

Holy moly, I think we've got some work to do this Christmas.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


We had a fabulous Thanksgiving today. We actually feasted at Terence's house! Mallory had a bit of a rough morning {despite the fact that we all slept beautifully}, so I wasn't so sure what the day would hold. Luckily, the weather was beautiful and there's not much Anna Claire and Mallory love more than being outside. The girls and Brennan spent hours, I think, riding in Grace's Jeep. All I can say is I hope Mallory's driving skills at two~and~a~half show vast improvement by the time she sits behind the wheel of a real car. She give female drivers a really bad name! Anna Claire, on the other hand, is quite happy being the passenger.

Since I did spend a good part of the day chasing behind this Jeep, I don't have very many great pictures to share of our happy Thanksgiving, so you'll have to take my word for it...and I really need to make a better effort of getting more photos of family members in some pictures. I am really bad about that, so I'll have to so better come Christmas.

For to get ready for shopping tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Little Turkeys

Whoops! Just found this saved as a draft!?!?!

Since today was the first official day of Thanksgiving break for me and the girls, I tried {a little in vain} to get an "official" Happy Thanksgiving picture for y'all!

It's the thought that counts. Have a great Turkey Day tomorrow!

Group Shot

The girls' school pictures came in yesterday including their class picture which I purchased sight unseen so I could put it in their baby books. Very cute...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast {and a funny story}

Today was Anna Claire and Mallory's Thanksgiving feast at school. yummy. They got to go into the chapel and watch the kindergarteners perform their Thanksgiving play. Then they came back to their classroom for their feast {we provided the turkey sandwiches}. Of course, they wore traditional pilgrim & Indian hats. As you can see, Anna Claire and Mallory were Indians and Dylan was a pilgrim. {little hard to get all three to sit still with their hats ON and look at the camera}.

Why, do you ask, is Mallory not wearing her adorable, purchased~just~for~this~occasion brown, pink, and orange sweater dress with matching tights but is instead wearing her "emergency outfit" from her book bag? Funny story...

During diaper changing at school this morning Mallory {who has yet to show any consistent interest in the potty} decided she wanted to sit on the big girl potty. Before her teachers could catch her, she hopped up on the potty with all her clothes on, sat down, and proceeded to fall in! I asked her if she cried or laughed and she said she laughed.

Girls, I think it's time to give potty training another try. Maybe not this weekend. Let's just try to enjoy this long Thanksgiving break. But girls, come Christmas break, oh you better watch out!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dead Camera Battery + Mommy Who Can't Find the Charger = No New Pictures

But don't worry; we haven't had much going on here.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Surely I will have located the charger by then and will be back soon with lots of turkey talk!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Boo~Boo's and Baid~Aids

Just found these on my phone {sorry for the poor quality}...

Mallory got a nasty boo-boo on the playground the other day and needed band-aids on both knees. She was proud, however, to show off her war wounds. And Anna Claire was pround to show off her jack o'lantern.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I’ll probably ramble a bit because I am a little sleep-deprived…

Mallory coughed all night Saturday {I mean all.night.}, so first thing Sunday morning I got her an appointment with the urgent care doctor. She coughed the entire time we were there {and threw up twice from coughing so hard} and as terrible as this might sound, I was so glad about it because the doctors and nurses actually got to hear how awful her cough really was and didn't have to just take my word for how sick my baby really was. {I don’t know how many times I have made appointments for the girls only to get them to the pediatricians office and they no longer show any signs of whatever I called for in the first place.}

The doctor thought it was probably a virus since Mallory is already on Flonase and Zyrtec for seasonal allergies and the strep test came back negative. So, while we were there Mallory got a breathing treatment {and two stickers for being such a good girl} which slowed the cough some. Once home she was only able to nap for about twenty minutes and hardly ate anything all day. We came home with a cough suppressant/decongestant and an inhaler with an AeroChamber we’ve been using {with only a bit of a struggle}, and she slept wonderfully last night despite a few coughing spells here and there. This morning she woke up all smiles after a good night's sleep, so hopefully she'll be back to her silly self in no time.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Anna Claire and Mallory had their flu shots yesterday afternoon and shed not one tear {even though I know they wanted to. I saw it on their faces, and it broke my heart}.

They were so brave.

When my mom told them yesterday that they were going to see the doctor, Anna Claire told her she didn't need to go because she didn't have a pea stuck in her nose anymore. Too funny!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Anna Claire and Mallory's "ark work" {as they call it}...
Before school started I wanted a special way to display the girls art work because I had heard that Mrs. Lori planned lots of cute class projects for her little friends. I bought two large bulletin boards from Target and had Walter paint the frames white and hang them vertically in the hallway leading to the girls' room. The girls are so proud of their art work {so are we}, and each day they come home from play school we are sure to properly display their mini-masterpieces. We love how the girls get to be creative in school and make such adorable keepsakes.

Can you see that the bulletin boards are now overflowing with projects and it's only November? Wow! The girls come home with multiple pieces of art work each week, so I gave up on artfully arranging things way back in September. I've decided that we'll take everything down in December and start fresh with empty bulletin boards in January.

Most of the girls' Halloween projects are still decorating other parts of the house, and I cannot wait for the Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts to start coming home!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Glued the TV.

What are they watching? Why, Mary Poppins, of course!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good Girls


We voted. We went to CVS to help Santa get a great deal on Toy Story 3 {shhh...}. We bought groceries at Publix.

Three errands. Just the three of us. In under two hours. The girls were perfect. So proud of them!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Bo Peep, Jesse, and Woody
We bowed out of trick-or-treating through the neighborhood for one more year and made the "family circuit" again instead. The girls didn't mind a bit. As far as they're concerned, that is trick-or-treating. And they sure had the candy to prove it.

This was the girls' third Halloween, and this year they really "got it." They were so excited to dress up as Jesse and Bo Peep. At first I had no clue who they would be for Halloween, and when you asked them who they wanted to be, they would say Buzz and/or Woody as we were at the height of their obsession with Toy Story.

Well, they weren't going to be Buzz and Woody, so I started tossing around the idea of Jesse and Bo Peep as the female "leads" {I wasn't about to allow either of them to dress up like Mrs. Potato Head!}. If you know Anna Claire and Mallory, then you know Anna Claire made the perfect Bo Peep and Mallory was the perfect Jesse {and it never would have worked the other way around}.

I also wasn't thrilled with the Jesse and Bo Peep costumes in the stores, and I really wanted to sew their outfits again this year. Since these costumes were going to be bit more involved than what I am used to sewing {button holes, sleeves, and zippers are not my favorite}, I enlisted Granny's help. I made Anna Claire's dress and ruffled pants, and Granny made Anna Claire's hat and apron and Mallory's shirt and chaps, like I said Sunday, our "creative" interpretation of Jesse and Bo Peep. I think we did an awesome job. Thanks so much, mom!!

Just a few more pictures...

running off all that sugar

had to show off her braids; she's so patient {really!}

loaded down with candy

digging in

loving that lollipop

she cannot get enough candy; I've had to start sneaking it out of her pumpkin!