Monday, November 15, 2010

I’ll probably ramble a bit because I am a little sleep-deprived…

Mallory coughed all night Saturday {I mean all.night.}, so first thing Sunday morning I got her an appointment with the urgent care doctor. She coughed the entire time we were there {and threw up twice from coughing so hard} and as terrible as this might sound, I was so glad about it because the doctors and nurses actually got to hear how awful her cough really was and didn't have to just take my word for how sick my baby really was. {I don’t know how many times I have made appointments for the girls only to get them to the pediatricians office and they no longer show any signs of whatever I called for in the first place.}

The doctor thought it was probably a virus since Mallory is already on Flonase and Zyrtec for seasonal allergies and the strep test came back negative. So, while we were there Mallory got a breathing treatment {and two stickers for being such a good girl} which slowed the cough some. Once home she was only able to nap for about twenty minutes and hardly ate anything all day. We came home with a cough suppressant/decongestant and an inhaler with an AeroChamber we’ve been using {with only a bit of a struggle}, and she slept wonderfully last night despite a few coughing spells here and there. This morning she woke up all smiles after a good night's sleep, so hopefully she'll be back to her silly self in no time.

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