Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tough Girl

Isn't it great to see that smile? After six weeks of illness, Mallory has been healthy for a week and a half!

After getting over the worst of croup, the ear~infection~that~just~would~not~go~away flared up again. We headed back to the pediatrician and the reality that she really needed another course of rocephin. So, for three days in a row, this tough girl faced a really big needle for a shot of antibiotics. She did so GREAT! She was a little anxious each morning, cried only briefly after the shots, and after the first injection was already feeling so much better ~ which made it a little more difficult to have to go back two more times.

Over those three days we decimated the doctor's office supply of Toy Story and Disney princess stickers, made a swing through CVS each day for surcies, and ate a lot of jelly beans in the waiting room. A week~and~a~half later she is still feeling great and I hope it lasts. We go back to the regular pediatrician Thursday afternoon for a two~week check and our appointment at MUSC is Monday afternoon. I am a little worried now that she is healthy about taking her into germ~infested doctor's offices. With all the antibiotics she's been on, I am concerned about her resistance to infections. I guess we'll be sure to take along plenty of our own books and toys and lots of antibacterial wipes!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Movie Night ~ The Little Mermaid

Saturday night the girls and I headed over for salad, spahetti, and garlic bread with Aunt Michelle, Connor, and Dylan. After dinner, we watched The Little Mermaid ~ Anna Claire and Mallory's first time. They were so excited to "see" the songs we listen to each day in the car, but they did not like Ursula.

The girls ask daily who we'll see at Disney World...Mickey Mouse? Yes. Mary Poppins? Yes. Pooh and Tigger? Yes. Dora? No. I've been trying to explain the difference between being "Disney" and being "Nick Jr." 

On the way home last night we were talking about Disney some more and I was telling the girls how we were going in about two months, and I said that was "right around the corner" to which Mallory replied, "Where? I can't see it."

Anna Claire asked how we were going to get there and I told her we would have to drive our car and it would take a long time. Then she asked how we would know when we were there and wanted to know if we would have to "knock on the door."

How do you explain Disney World to two almost~three~year~olds?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Now I Know My ABCs

Turn up your volume all the way. I used my phone, so I'll be sure to share a better~quality video soon!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Croup *updated*

Saturday ~~ We have our appointment at MUSC Monday, April 4, with Dr. Dixon. Mallory didn't have the greatest day today and her fever was up this afternoon, but she made a little turn around this evening and went to sleep with a smile on her face tonight...and so far no coughing.

I guess I spoke too soon because now Mallory has croup.

I thought the coughing that started Wednesday was likely due to allergies, but that night she started running a fever and had another febrile seizure, so we were back at the doctor's office yesterday. He ears are looking much better, so we were thankfully able to stop taking the oral antibiotic which was causing her yeast infection {she seriously can't catch a break}. Unfortunately, that meant she needed an injection of antibiotics to finish up the course which just broke her heart. The prednisone she's taking has helped her cough, so we all were able to get a little sleep last night.

Because she has been so sick with so many different infections and high fevers for so long, we've got a referral to the infectious disease department at MUSC just to make sure we're not overlooking something, which is kind of scary, but I'm not a worrier. Right now, I just want her to get over the croup and we'll cross the next bridge when we come to it.

The weather continues to be nice, and the girls love being able to play outside, so hopefully I'll have some pictures of a smiling healthy Mallory to share soon!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What We've Been Up To

Being sick for so long sure did take a lot out of us. Between the four of us, we've each had the flu, three sinus infections ~ or one huge sinus infection that wasn't responding to antibiotics {all me}, two cases of bronchitis {Anna Claire and Mallory}, and two ear infections {all Mallory} ~ all in an eight week span. I am so over being sick and happy to report that, although we are covered from head to toe in yellow pollen, we are all finally well!

In between illnesses we were able to have a little fun here and there {our trip to the zoo, for example}. 

A few weeks ago, Grandmom took the girls on a little shopping spree to the outlets and I got to tag along. Anna Claire and Mallory insisted on sunglasses. Can you tell Anna Claire isn't feeling well in this picture? In actuality, it was Mallory who ended up at the pediatrician's office later that afternoon.

The weather has been wonderful, so we have been playing outside a lot.

In the sandbox...
On the swings...
Trying to get rid of all the germs...
Celebrating Owen's 3rd birthday!
Drawing with sidewalk chalk...
Modeling their silk pajamas straight from China. Thanks, Uncle Terry!
I certainly hope we are all done with being sick for a while...as long as the pollen doesn't do us in!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just Overheard...

Anna Claire and Mallory are headed down the hallway to their room and Anna Claire is lagging behind, struggling with her hands full of lovies and other toys when I hear Mallory...

"Come on, Sister. Vamanos!"

Too much Dora?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Conversations in the Car Today

Mallory: Mommy, does God make the sun shine?
Me: Yes, he does.
Mallory: Can you ask God to stop making the sun shine because it's shining in my eyes?

{sitting in Pinewodd/DuBose traffic with one hand on the wheel...}
Anna Claire: Mommy, you should drive with three hands.
Me: But I don't have three hands.
Anna Claire: Oh, then you should drive with your two hands.