Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back to the Zoo

The day was too beautiful to not spend it outside and the girls got a good night's sleep with minimal coughing, so we headed up to the zoo and had a great time. This was the girls' second trip to the zoo. I guess they consider themselves experts now and insisted on holding the map and pointing us in the direction of the "amimals" they wanted to see next.
From the moment we walked through the gate, all Mallory talked about was wanting to see the giraffes...and they did not disappoint. The girls first fed the giraffes last spring, and I am still so amazed at how brave they are. I think this was the highlight for the girls.

The highlight for me was seeing the new baby baboon. Mommy and baby were so far away and I've cropped this picture as much as I can, but I think you can still see him. So cute!

Taking a ride on the back of an iguana {or some other big lizard}...
I think it took a little while for Anna Claire to realize it wasn't real. She kept asking me if he was moving.

Anna Claire and Mallory have always loved animals, but I think all the Diego episodes we've been watching lately {new favorite} made them feel like they were on safari today!


Brandon said...

Wow...we just got back from the zoo an hour ago! We thought about going yesterday, but the weather was supposed to be even nicer today. It wasn't, but we still had a good time.

Melissa said...

hey! I have a groupon for Columbia zoo! Any advice on taking my twins!?