Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day Rewind

We are still sick around here, so I have yet {until right now} to write anything about the rest of our Valentine's Day fun. In addition to making cupcakes and preparing Valentine's for the girl's class party, we also engaged in a little art work for the grandparents. Sadly, Grandmom has yet to receive hers because Mommy can't quite get her act together this week, so...Happy Valentine's Day, Grandmom!
 Just take a look at those hand~print hearts. They speak volumes about the girls' personalities.

And here are Anna Claire and Mallory enjoying their Valentine's cupcakes...

I felt the girls had recovered enough from the flu to go to school Tuesday for their class party, and I really wanted them to wear the special Valentine's outfits I sewed for them. It seems they had a great time at school, and they came home with bags of Valentines and plenty of candy. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of them in their outfits because I forgot my camera Tuesday morning and Granny froze hers by  leaving it in her car in NC when it was 4 degrees one night. I was hoping Mrs. Lori might send some pics from the party but no luck there, so the girls might be sportin' their Valentines duds again this weekend just for fun!

Tuesday night Mallory started coughing and we all stopped sleeping, so the girls missed school again Thursday. Last night was much better, however, but I daresay we are all on the mend {I really don't want to "early call it" because we have been sick for so long}.

Thankfully, this weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny, and we plan to play outside as much as possible soaking up some vitamin D and breathing the fresh air.

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