Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Salon Visit

This afternoon, Anna Claire and Mallory made their first visit to a hair salon for a little trim. I took them to Lisa who also does my hair {they thought it was so funny her name is also Lisa}.

I took before pictures before we left. Truth be told, the after pictures wouldn't look very different if I had taken any, but that's OK. I just wanted the scraggly (if that's a word} baby hair ends cut off.
Bye~bye ringlets {sniff} Of course I kept a little lock of their hair for their baby books.
Waiting our turn...
I couldn't believe it but both girls let Lisa wash their hair. I guess playing hair salon all morning helped.
I had to show this picture just so you could see how long Anna Claire's hair actually is, even though it doesn't look it when it is dry and curly...

The girls didn't really get their rest time today, and they were so sleepy at the salon. Not long after we got home I found Anna Claire asleep in the chair.
And then Mallory walked in the room dressed like Mulan. She pulled this look together from the knees down all by herself. When Mulan is fighting the Huns, she wears black shoes with white knee socks along with the rest of her gear. Those are last year's black patent leather shoes and Walter's ankle socks.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rained Out

Rain in the 'ville all day yesterday kept us inside and rain along the coast today cancelled our trip to Sullivan's Island.

We did, however, manage to keep ourselves busy painting...
{yes, those are birthday party decorations in the background; I just got up and took them down. shameful.}

making jewelry...

and fixing peanut butter pie...

Only four more days of my summer break left; hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow!

What's Missing from This Picture?

Last night we moved the glider out of the girls' room...just one more step in trying to help Mallory end her night~waking habit.

The great news is that since dropping scheduled naps a couple weeks ago, falling asleep has become much better for Mallory. The girls are in bed at 7:30 and Mallory is asleep just a few minutes later. It takes Anna Claire a little longer to fall asleep but that's always been OK because she doesn't cry for us to stay until she falls asleep and she stays put in her bed.

We'd hoped by now Mallory's waking up in the middle of the night would have gotten even a little better, but it hasn't, so we went to have a chat with Dr. Tillman Monday because, truthfully, I am exhausted and at my wits end getting up at all hours of the night and struggling to get her to stay in her bed without waking up her sister. It was good to know Dr. Tillman thinks we're doing everything right but that Mallory is just extremely strong~willed {tell me something I didn't know} and it's just going to take longer to break this habit and reset her "clock."

We came up with a few new ideas and made some adjustments to old ideas and the first is taking the chair out the room because when Mallory wakes up at night she wants to be rocked. The thinking is that when she realizes she isn't going to get what she wants {rocking}, she'll stop coming to get me.

So, last night she only woke up once with no fussing about not being rocked, though I ended up sitting on the floor for about ten minutes before I was able to negotiate with her to allow me to get back into my bed {I know, negotiating with a three year old in the middle of the night. It's insane}. She did fall asleep by herself and stayed in bed the rest of the night. 

A small victory? I'll take it.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Taking the Plunge

Early this summer it was as if the girls had forgotten they'd ever been swimming in a pool. We've hardly been able to get them off the steps all summer. It's not as if they're afraid of the water because they love their kiddie pool and splashing in the waves at the beach and playing on the steps of the pool. Yesterday we finally got them jumping off the side of the pool again{wow, are my arms sore today}. They are cured!

Lunch by the pool....sloppy joes. Is there a better place to get messy eating sloppy joes than outside by the pool? Super easy clean~up!
Anna Claire and Mallory's favorite poolside snack...boiled peanuts cooked up by Papa.

Last week was pretty slow. We went to the river last weekend, but I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera so no pics {boo!}. I had to go into work Wednesday and Thursday, so the girls got to make a day trip to the beach Thursday with Granny, Michelle, Connor, and Dylan.

The tell~tale sign that the summer is quickly coming to an end is when the pool water is so warm it feels like your stepping into a warm bath. We hit that this past weekend. I've only got one more week before I have to report back, so we are trying to squeeze out every last bit of summer fun. It's just kind of hard to do when it is so darn hot outside.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No More Naps?

Anna Claire and Mallory "resting" this afternoon

It's been one week since we dropped regularly scheduled naps for the girls in an effort to lengthen nighttime sleep and {hopefully} put an end to Mallory's nighttime wakings. I can probably count on one had the number of times Mallory has slept through the night since April 12, 2010, the night she launched herself out her crib causing us to switch both girls to toddler beds two nights later. It has been an exhausting year and three months. Dr. Tillman thinks {and we hope} if Mallory can fall asleep more easily at bedtime, the nighttime wakings will stop. Well...

More recently, since late spring, the girls have been falling asleep around 8:30 {too late in my opinion, but they just weren't tired}, waking up at 6:30 {much too early, don't you think?} and napping for a solid 1-1/2 hours each day with Mallory continuing to wake up a few times a night {usually once or twice, but sometimes more}. It just sort of gradually evolved to that.

Our new plan has the girls resting on our bed for a hour to an hour and a half. Sometimes we read or sometimes we watch a Disney movie, and twice they've fallen asleep for 30-45 minutes {see picture above} and that's been OK because some days they are just more tired depending on how we've spent our morning. They are in bed and asleep by 7:30 which is really great because they are good and tired and not overly tired and fussy as we'd feared. However, they are still waking us between 6:00 and 6:30 and Mallory is still waking up in the middle of the night. Baby steps, right? For now, getting out of their room at 7:30 instead of 8:30 or sometimes 9:00 has been a major morale booster around here.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chubby Little Cubby All Stuffed with Fluff

Yesterday, just after I had finished with the shower door/curtain, Aunt Michelle called and asked if we wanted to see the new Pooh movie. Now, Anna Claire and Mallory have never been to see a movie in a movie theater and the closest they've gotten was Mickey's Philharmagic at Disney which was a total disaster that could have had something to do with it being 3~D and spraying water in their faces {for the record, at Disney they did great with the Beauty and the Beast and Nemo live shows}.

I hesitated at first, but we watched the trailer a few times on YouTube, and I found out it was only 69 minutes long, so off we headed to the girls' first movie in a theater.

They did great, by the way. Anna Claire was a little nervous at first, burying her face in my sleeve for the previews, and Mallory sat in my lap for the first half, but they absolutely loved the movie which was very cute and were completely engaged from start to finish.  These pictures from my phone are awful, but we had to commemorate the event...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Open Up and Say Ahhh...

So, we've had a pretty busy week running errands and playing and all...but not many pictures to show for it. Monday we ran errands and had lunch at Panera with Aunt Michelle, Connor, and Dylan. Tuesday Connor came over to play so Dylan could go to the doctor. Wednesday we went to the dentist {!!!} library, my office, Daddy's office and the fabric store {whew!}. Yesterday we played at home all day, and so far today, we have removed the nasty shower door and replaced it with a nice, pretty shower curtain. All that, and it looks like we've dropped naps {omg!}.

Back to the girls' first dentist appointment...let me just say we looooove Summerville Pediatric Dentistry and everyone there {Brandon and Brig, you must take Owen there}! The experience was wonderful, the girls were all smiles {though a little nervous}, they did just great, and they are cavity free! I am a proud mommy!

Dr. Baker says Mallory has a cross bite which could likely correct itself once her permanent teeth are in, and Anna Claire is missing two teeth {e and h, to be precise}, but we already knew that. Dr. Baker says the development of baby and permanent teeth are often completely independent of one another, so it doesn't mean the permanent teeth will be missing, too, but since granny and I both have a dental history with the same two teeth...we'll just have to wait and see.

They tried to take an x~ray, but Anna Claire {brave girl} had trouble holding the film perfectly still, so we couldn't see anything, and there isn't really anything to do about it now, anyway. She'll have a routine x~ray when she's six, and hopefully that'll tell us if those two permanent teeth are there or not. Probably time top upgrade to dental plus!

Now, that shower really doesn't have anything at all to do with the girls other than they were so great to play with each other contentedly and let me do it. I got the idea at the beach that we could remove the yucky, hard~to~clean, contractor~grade shower door and replace it with a shower curtain. Since we have a soaking tub and separate shower stall, I really wanted to find some fabric to make a narrower shower curtain, but I couldn't find anything I liked. I couldn't even find a store~bought shower curtain I liked enough to cut down to size. Then I remembered I had a shower curtain from our previous house in the linen closet. Well, I'm a little impatient with these kinds of things and just couldn't wait for Walter to get home from work, so I took the door down! That's not such a huge feat, was really quite easy. I'm not in love with this ivory battenberg lace shower curtain, but I already had the curtain, new liner, rod, and hooks, so this little transformation was free!! Gotta love that.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life's a Beach {and then you have to come home to a heat index of 112}

We had a lovely {though exhausting} week at Edisto which included days spent splashing in the waves, digging holes in the sand, building sand castles, exploring marine life, looking for seashells, playing with cousins...and nights spent wide~awake when the Mallory refused to stay in bed and woke up several times a night. Is this the end of naps?? More on that at a later date.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy just a few memories made this past week...

A new favorite movie...Mulan. {I've got to say I love it, too. Not your typical Disney movie and a great message for girls.}

Early morning runs on the beach...
...not only are the girls having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep at night, they are awake at the crack of dawn. When you're sharing a house with others, that is not a good thing.

Our annual golf cart picture...
Mallory "playing" Wii for the first time...

Already can't wait for next summer's beach week!