Friday, July 1, 2011

Watermelon Pops and New Dresses

Ever since we made yogurt pops last week, the girls want everything they eat to be on a stick.

I present to you...Watermelon Pops...really just a slice of watermelon with a popsicle stick stuck through the rind {cut a slit in the rind with a knife then work in the popsicle stick ~ not so easy}.

I thought this was a great idea in that perhaps the girls would get less sticky from dripping watermelon juice, but I was wrong. It was a novel idea, though, and they had lots of fun eating the watermelon...and dripping all over their new dresses.

I whipped up these simple dresses during nap times Tuesday and Wednesday, and since I used my own homemade pattern {!!!} I think they turned out great. I have been looking for a sundress pattern with angel sleeves forever {these "sleeves" are a little shorter than I originally imagined, but at the last minute I doubled over the sleeves so I would not have to hem them}. I finally gave up the pattern search and made my own. Not too bad.

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