Monday, July 25, 2011

Taking the Plunge

Early this summer it was as if the girls had forgotten they'd ever been swimming in a pool. We've hardly been able to get them off the steps all summer. It's not as if they're afraid of the water because they love their kiddie pool and splashing in the waves at the beach and playing on the steps of the pool. Yesterday we finally got them jumping off the side of the pool again{wow, are my arms sore today}. They are cured!

Lunch by the pool....sloppy joes. Is there a better place to get messy eating sloppy joes than outside by the pool? Super easy clean~up!
Anna Claire and Mallory's favorite poolside snack...boiled peanuts cooked up by Papa.

Last week was pretty slow. We went to the river last weekend, but I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera so no pics {boo!}. I had to go into work Wednesday and Thursday, so the girls got to make a day trip to the beach Thursday with Granny, Michelle, Connor, and Dylan.

The tell~tale sign that the summer is quickly coming to an end is when the pool water is so warm it feels like your stepping into a warm bath. We hit that this past weekend. I've only got one more week before I have to report back, so we are trying to squeeze out every last bit of summer fun. It's just kind of hard to do when it is so darn hot outside.

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