Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chubby Little Cubby All Stuffed with Fluff

Yesterday, just after I had finished with the shower door/curtain, Aunt Michelle called and asked if we wanted to see the new Pooh movie. Now, Anna Claire and Mallory have never been to see a movie in a movie theater and the closest they've gotten was Mickey's Philharmagic at Disney which was a total disaster that could have had something to do with it being 3~D and spraying water in their faces {for the record, at Disney they did great with the Beauty and the Beast and Nemo live shows}.

I hesitated at first, but we watched the trailer a few times on YouTube, and I found out it was only 69 minutes long, so off we headed to the girls' first movie in a theater.

They did great, by the way. Anna Claire was a little nervous at first, burying her face in my sleeve for the previews, and Mallory sat in my lap for the first half, but they absolutely loved the movie which was very cute and were completely engaged from start to finish.  These pictures from my phone are awful, but we had to commemorate the event...

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