Friday, July 15, 2011

Open Up and Say Ahhh...

So, we've had a pretty busy week running errands and playing and all...but not many pictures to show for it. Monday we ran errands and had lunch at Panera with Aunt Michelle, Connor, and Dylan. Tuesday Connor came over to play so Dylan could go to the doctor. Wednesday we went to the dentist {!!!} library, my office, Daddy's office and the fabric store {whew!}. Yesterday we played at home all day, and so far today, we have removed the nasty shower door and replaced it with a nice, pretty shower curtain. All that, and it looks like we've dropped naps {omg!}.

Back to the girls' first dentist appointment...let me just say we looooove Summerville Pediatric Dentistry and everyone there {Brandon and Brig, you must take Owen there}! The experience was wonderful, the girls were all smiles {though a little nervous}, they did just great, and they are cavity free! I am a proud mommy!

Dr. Baker says Mallory has a cross bite which could likely correct itself once her permanent teeth are in, and Anna Claire is missing two teeth {e and h, to be precise}, but we already knew that. Dr. Baker says the development of baby and permanent teeth are often completely independent of one another, so it doesn't mean the permanent teeth will be missing, too, but since granny and I both have a dental history with the same two teeth...we'll just have to wait and see.

They tried to take an x~ray, but Anna Claire {brave girl} had trouble holding the film perfectly still, so we couldn't see anything, and there isn't really anything to do about it now, anyway. She'll have a routine x~ray when she's six, and hopefully that'll tell us if those two permanent teeth are there or not. Probably time top upgrade to dental plus!

Now, that shower really doesn't have anything at all to do with the girls other than they were so great to play with each other contentedly and let me do it. I got the idea at the beach that we could remove the yucky, hard~to~clean, contractor~grade shower door and replace it with a shower curtain. Since we have a soaking tub and separate shower stall, I really wanted to find some fabric to make a narrower shower curtain, but I couldn't find anything I liked. I couldn't even find a store~bought shower curtain I liked enough to cut down to size. Then I remembered I had a shower curtain from our previous house in the linen closet. Well, I'm a little impatient with these kinds of things and just couldn't wait for Walter to get home from work, so I took the door down! That's not such a huge feat, was really quite easy. I'm not in love with this ivory battenberg lace shower curtain, but I already had the curtain, new liner, rod, and hooks, so this little transformation was free!! Gotta love that.

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bereccah said...

Great job on the shower stall! I hate those ugly doors too. Oh, and Dr. Baker is one of my BFF's just in case you didn't know...they do such a good job and I love that you had such a great experience. :-)