Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Salon Visit

This afternoon, Anna Claire and Mallory made their first visit to a hair salon for a little trim. I took them to Lisa who also does my hair {they thought it was so funny her name is also Lisa}.

I took before pictures before we left. Truth be told, the after pictures wouldn't look very different if I had taken any, but that's OK. I just wanted the scraggly (if that's a word} baby hair ends cut off.
Bye~bye ringlets {sniff} Of course I kept a little lock of their hair for their baby books.
Waiting our turn...
I couldn't believe it but both girls let Lisa wash their hair. I guess playing hair salon all morning helped.
I had to show this picture just so you could see how long Anna Claire's hair actually is, even though it doesn't look it when it is dry and curly...

The girls didn't really get their rest time today, and they were so sleepy at the salon. Not long after we got home I found Anna Claire asleep in the chair.
And then Mallory walked in the room dressed like Mulan. She pulled this look together from the knees down all by herself. When Mulan is fighting the Huns, she wears black shoes with white knee socks along with the rest of her gear. Those are last year's black patent leather shoes and Walter's ankle socks.

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