Sunday, March 27, 2011

Movie Night ~ The Little Mermaid

Saturday night the girls and I headed over for salad, spahetti, and garlic bread with Aunt Michelle, Connor, and Dylan. After dinner, we watched The Little Mermaid ~ Anna Claire and Mallory's first time. They were so excited to "see" the songs we listen to each day in the car, but they did not like Ursula.

The girls ask daily who we'll see at Disney World...Mickey Mouse? Yes. Mary Poppins? Yes. Pooh and Tigger? Yes. Dora? No. I've been trying to explain the difference between being "Disney" and being "Nick Jr." 

On the way home last night we were talking about Disney some more and I was telling the girls how we were going in about two months, and I said that was "right around the corner" to which Mallory replied, "Where? I can't see it."

Anna Claire asked how we were going to get there and I told her we would have to drive our car and it would take a long time. Then she asked how we would know when we were there and wanted to know if we would have to "knock on the door."

How do you explain Disney World to two almost~three~year~olds?

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