Friday, March 18, 2011

Croup *updated*

Saturday ~~ We have our appointment at MUSC Monday, April 4, with Dr. Dixon. Mallory didn't have the greatest day today and her fever was up this afternoon, but she made a little turn around this evening and went to sleep with a smile on her face tonight...and so far no coughing.

I guess I spoke too soon because now Mallory has croup.

I thought the coughing that started Wednesday was likely due to allergies, but that night she started running a fever and had another febrile seizure, so we were back at the doctor's office yesterday. He ears are looking much better, so we were thankfully able to stop taking the oral antibiotic which was causing her yeast infection {she seriously can't catch a break}. Unfortunately, that meant she needed an injection of antibiotics to finish up the course which just broke her heart. The prednisone she's taking has helped her cough, so we all were able to get a little sleep last night.

Because she has been so sick with so many different infections and high fevers for so long, we've got a referral to the infectious disease department at MUSC just to make sure we're not overlooking something, which is kind of scary, but I'm not a worrier. Right now, I just want her to get over the croup and we'll cross the next bridge when we come to it.

The weather continues to be nice, and the girls love being able to play outside, so hopefully I'll have some pictures of a smiling healthy Mallory to share soon!

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