Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tough Girl

Isn't it great to see that smile? After six weeks of illness, Mallory has been healthy for a week and a half!

After getting over the worst of croup, the ear~infection~that~just~would~not~go~away flared up again. We headed back to the pediatrician and the reality that she really needed another course of rocephin. So, for three days in a row, this tough girl faced a really big needle for a shot of antibiotics. She did so GREAT! She was a little anxious each morning, cried only briefly after the shots, and after the first injection was already feeling so much better ~ which made it a little more difficult to have to go back two more times.

Over those three days we decimated the doctor's office supply of Toy Story and Disney princess stickers, made a swing through CVS each day for surcies, and ate a lot of jelly beans in the waiting room. A week~and~a~half later she is still feeling great and I hope it lasts. We go back to the regular pediatrician Thursday afternoon for a two~week check and our appointment at MUSC is Monday afternoon. I am a little worried now that she is healthy about taking her into germ~infested doctor's offices. With all the antibiotics she's been on, I am concerned about her resistance to infections. I guess we'll be sure to take along plenty of our own books and toys and lots of antibacterial wipes!

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