Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Anna Claire and Mallory's "ark work" {as they call it}...
Before school started I wanted a special way to display the girls art work because I had heard that Mrs. Lori planned lots of cute class projects for her little friends. I bought two large bulletin boards from Target and had Walter paint the frames white and hang them vertically in the hallway leading to the girls' room. The girls are so proud of their art work {so are we}, and each day they come home from play school we are sure to properly display their mini-masterpieces. We love how the girls get to be creative in school and make such adorable keepsakes.

Can you see that the bulletin boards are now overflowing with projects and it's only November? Wow! The girls come home with multiple pieces of art work each week, so I gave up on artfully arranging things way back in September. I've decided that we'll take everything down in December and start fresh with empty bulletin boards in January.

Most of the girls' Halloween projects are still decorating other parts of the house, and I cannot wait for the Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts to start coming home!

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