Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Bo Peep, Jesse, and Woody
We bowed out of trick-or-treating through the neighborhood for one more year and made the "family circuit" again instead. The girls didn't mind a bit. As far as they're concerned, that is trick-or-treating. And they sure had the candy to prove it.

This was the girls' third Halloween, and this year they really "got it." They were so excited to dress up as Jesse and Bo Peep. At first I had no clue who they would be for Halloween, and when you asked them who they wanted to be, they would say Buzz and/or Woody as we were at the height of their obsession with Toy Story.

Well, they weren't going to be Buzz and Woody, so I started tossing around the idea of Jesse and Bo Peep as the female "leads" {I wasn't about to allow either of them to dress up like Mrs. Potato Head!}. If you know Anna Claire and Mallory, then you know Anna Claire made the perfect Bo Peep and Mallory was the perfect Jesse {and it never would have worked the other way around}.

I also wasn't thrilled with the Jesse and Bo Peep costumes in the stores, and I really wanted to sew their outfits again this year. Since these costumes were going to be bit more involved than what I am used to sewing {button holes, sleeves, and zippers are not my favorite}, I enlisted Granny's help. I made Anna Claire's dress and ruffled pants, and Granny made Anna Claire's hat and apron and Mallory's shirt and chaps, like I said Sunday, our "creative" interpretation of Jesse and Bo Peep. I think we did an awesome job. Thanks so much, mom!!

Just a few more pictures...

running off all that sugar

had to show off her braids; she's so patient {really!}

loaded down with candy

digging in

loving that lollipop

she cannot get enough candy; I've had to start sneaking it out of her pumpkin!


holly said...

they look adorable!! i can't believe you made those costumes!! i'm coming over for a sewing lesson. yes.

Brandon said...

Sorry we missed you guys too! Mom told me ya'll were coming over at noon that day. Will you be there tomorrow?