Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Pictures

I say it every time: I am not going back to Portrait Innovations. Even though we do always get some good shots of the girls, it's just so stressful - mostly for me. The drive is not fun, the photographers aren't always good with babies, and I think I'm over the whole studio portrait "style." I'd love some more artistic photographs next time.

Yesterday we went to have Anna Claire and Mallory's picture taken for our Christmas cards. The girls were just not in the mood to sit still and smile. And who can really blame them? They are 18 months old (today!) and constantly on the go. They weren't incredibly fussy or anything - just not exactly cooperative. Mallory's pigtails were a mess, and we're finally able to get Anna Claire to keep a bow in her hair, but I forgot to put the grippy tape on the bow she is wearing in the picture, so it was constantly sliding around her head.

My goal was to get just one good shot of both of them together and smiling that we could use on our Christmas card. Well...

These are just a few of the (unedited) pictures. Shots of the girls individually turned out much better than those of them together, so we may go that way again this year with the Christmas cards. Maybe I'm just too picky looking for the perfect picture. My girls are beautiful in all these photos!

When the time rolls around to have their two-year-old pictures taken, someone please talk me out of going to Portrait Innovations.

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