Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day...

...was a whirlwind.

First, we went to Granny and Papa's to open presents. I was most excited about the girls' new table and chairs for the play room, but all they wanted to play with were the punch balloons!

Next, we all headed over to Aunt Pam and Uncle Ronnie's for a quick gift exchange. We didn't get to stay long, but the girls' had fun playing with all their cousins' boy toys. They are fascinated by tools and trucks!

After that, we headed over to Grandmom's house for Christmas dinner and time with Walter's family.

Once we got home, Granny and Papa came over to see what the girls got from Santa.

Needless to say, we were all in bed super early Christmas night! We took what looks like a million pictures, so here's a collage or three (trying something new) of just a few shots from Christmas day since it would take forever to upload all these pictures individually. Sorry they're so small - click on the pic to enlarge...
I am exhausted all over again just looking at these photos, but I do have to brag about just how great the girls did on such a busy day. They rolled with the punches, ate great, napped well, looked cute, played hard, and had a Very Merry Christmas!

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