Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Head Over Heels

Try to picture this in your mind because I have no photo evidence...

Anna Claire is already in her crib for nap time. Mallory is in the glider/rocker looking at a book. I turn my back for one second to put the wipes back on the dresser. When I turn back around to get Mallory she is not in the glider anymore.

After a split second of utter confusion, I spot her feet sticking up out of the laundry hamper. I realize she has somehow taken a nosedive from the glider into the laundry hamper (which sit side-by-side in a cramped corner of the nursery) and rush over to her, expecting her to start screaming her head off any second. I grab her by the feet, yank her out, and maneuver her, upside down, back into the glider.

She is laughing; so is Anna Claire. By this time, so am I.

Have I already mentioned that these girls are wearing me out? I love it!

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