Sunday, December 20, 2009

And the Fun Has Only Just Begun

Here's our "official" family holiday picture taken at the family Christmas party (thanks, Grandmom) Sunday night, which was the official kick-off for all the holiday fun coming our way! Last night we had a family dinner (thanks, again, Grandmom) in which the girls ate more spaghetti than I have ever seen them consume - and they love spaghetti. Anna Claire and Mallory also got to open a few early Christmas gifts. No surprise that all Mallory wanted to play with was cousin Brennan's new lawn mower and all Anna Clarie wanted to play with was Mallory's new Wow, Wow Wubzy doll (not even sure how to spell that!).

I wish I could say we were back to our normal routine today, but the girls had their eighteen month well-baby visit this morning - I mean this afternoon. More on that later. My tension headache is too huge to allow me to go there right now!

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