Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

This morning, I got to open my Christmas [eve] present from Walter, Anna Claire, and Mallory - a new Nikon D3000. I LOVE it, and I've been trying to learn how to use it in time for tonight, so I thought I'd share a picture of our tree and a few of the girls' favorite ornaments (the ones they pull off the tree most frequently!) since Anna Claire and Mallory are napping and I can't practice on them.

Our tree...
I did put ornaments on the bottom of the tree. I just thought it was too unrealistic to expect the girls to be "hands-off." Instead, I placed some of their very own Hallmark Keepsake ornaments on the bottom and we have been teaching them to be gentle and touch with only one finger. Anna Claire has done great; Mallory - not so much. ;-)

This is Mallory's newest ornament. She is quite the budding artist. She loves drawing with crayons and sidewalk chalk.
This is Anna Claire's newest ornament - a monkey. She loves monkeys. If you ask her what Santa is bringing her for Christmas, she says, "monk-monk!" I can't wait to see her face tomorrow morning!
This is just a random ornament I practiced on, but both girls love it - they pretend to drink cocoa from Santa's mug.
They also love our Micky Mouse ornament, golden retriever ornament, rubber duckie ornaments and their silver bells. They have to kiss all their ornaments good night and wave bye-bye to the tree. We did put all the glass/nicer ornaments high enough on the tree so the girls can't reach them. Overall, I have been very pleased with their Christmas tree etiquette! Now, I'm off to practice some more with my new camera and get a few more things done before the girls wake up from their nap.

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