Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Anna Claire and the Purple Crayon

Surely, you're familiar with the story Harold and the Purple Crayon. Well, here’s our version…

I am trying to get the girls to play a little more independently giving me some time to fold laundry, get supper in the oven, etc. So, today the girls were happily (and safely) playing together in the playroom while I folded laundry. I’d say in a ten-minute time span, I checked on them twice because they were soooo quiet. About five minutes later, Mallory came out into the living room. I helped her start playing with their new dollhouse and ran to take a quick peek at Anna Claire. No worries, she was happily playing (but I can’t remember right now what she was playing with). I went back out into the living room with Mallory and five minutes later Anna Claire walks into the living room…
She had two chunks of purple crayon in her mouth and the accompanying purple lips and tongue. She politely spit out the crayon in my hand and I cleaned up her face (thankfully, Santa brought washable crayons). And would you look at that face. Do you think she knew she was in trouble?

After more playtime it was time to head back to the nursery for a diaper change. Holy cow!...the shock and awe I experienced upon entering the nursery I cannot describe. The first thing I saw was purple crayon on the door to their room, then I saw purple on the side of the armoire, then Anna Claire’s crib, then the glider, Mallory’s crib, the dresser, the wall…. Today I am still finding purple crayon markings here and there on the path she took, evidently, from the playroom, to the nursery, down the hallway, and into the living room.

Anna Claire kept pointing to her artwork saying, "mess, mess." After letting her know it was not appropriate to draw on walls and furniture, I had her help me clean up her mess. Anyone who knows Anna Claire should not be fooled by the look on her face - she loves cleaning!

Needless to say, the crayons have been hidden away out of the reach of little hands and will only be allowed with adult supervision. So much for independent playtime!

Have I mentioned that these girls are

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