Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Crazy Thing Is I Was Watching Her the Entire Time...

...but she had her back to me! I was sitting in the chair reading to Anna Claire and Mallory was standing a few feet in front of me watching the TV. My eyes were on her back the entire time, but I had no idea she had my lipstick or how or when she snuck it out of the bathroom. Imagine my surprise when she turned around and I saw this... Another note on her sneakiness...Mallory made it on TOP of the kitchen table for the first time two nights ago (she hasn't done it since). It happened in a flash, too. She is so fast. I did NOT pause long enough to get a photo of that, but we were all right there in the kitchen together thank goodness. As soon as I realized where she was headed it took me three steps to get across the kitchen floor. In that short amount of time she was already sitting atop the table!

Yikes! I've got to keep a close eye on this one!