Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Who Wears the Pants in the Family?

Granny made Anna Claire and Mallory eight {!} pairs of pants last week in four super cute spring colors/patterns! This is our favorite go-to pants pattern, Jillian by Bonnie Blue, and they are so easy to make. My mom makes sure to "hide" a little length behind the ruffle so we can take the hem out as the girls grow AND she makes sure the chevron stripes match up at the seams. Ain't nobody got time for that at this house, so I'm grateful to my mom for taking her time to get these pants made for us! The girls are getting tall and are growing out of their winter pants, so these cuties were finished just in time for this week's warmer temperatures.

Too bad I haven't got any pics of Anna Claire and Mallory wearing their new pants...Granny gets them dressed for school after I leave for work. I'll have to be sure to get them to do some modeling for me this weekend!

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