Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow in Summerville!

This is what we woke up to this morning...As soon as Anna Claire and Mallory had breakfast, we got bundled up and headed outside. What does "bundled up" consist of? Tights, leggings, socks, onesie, turtleneck, sweater, coat, hat, mittens, and boots.

First steps in the snow...First fall in the snow...I don't know anything about snow, but the snow early this morning was very fluffy and did not stick to itself. Nevertheless, we did manage a small snowman with grapes for eyes, goldfish for a nose and mouth, and pine needle hair.We don't have any toys for playing in the snow (and I don't even know what those toys would be), so we pulled out our buckets and shovels we used at the beach last summer. It turns out they work just as well in snow as they do in sand.First snow balls...Family photo... Grandmom and Aunt Dot came over for a little while to play.Then we headed over to Granny and Papa's for a little more fun in the snow. The girls took turns taking toboggan rides.Well, we don't actually have a real toboggan, but we can turn the top of the sandbox upside down and let Papa pull us around the yard.

One last snowman. The girls had already called it a day, and by the time I was able to round up an extra hat and scarf, the snowman was already made!

What a day! We may not see another like it for a looonnngggg time, so I am glad we all made the most of it!

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