Monday, June 28, 2010

Two-Year Well-Baby Visit

The girls had their check-up last Tuesday and things are looking A-OK!

Anna Claire was such a big girl. She talked off Dr. Tillman's ear and didn't cry one tear or put up a single fuss until she got her shot. I have to say I was totally shocked and so proud of her. Mallory got upset as usual the minute we walked into the exam room, fell asleep shortly thereafter, and stayed asleep through most of her examination ~ a blessing, for sure!

In a nutshell...

Anna Claire ~
27 lbs. 1 oz.
34 3/4 inches

Mallory ~
27 lbs. 8 oz.
36 inches {There is no way she is taller than Anna Claire. She was fussing on the examination table, so I think the nurse mis-measured.}

Some questions answered...

Mallory has a skin condition called keritosis pilaris {also known as chicken skin, poor thing} which is not a huge deal, but I still hate it for her. I was almost hoping it was eczema so we could treat it.

Anna Claire will be headed to the dentist soon; seems some baby teeth may be missing {thought so}.

We'll continue as usual with Mallory's temper tantrums {ignoring them as best we can} and our bedtime routine {super nanny-style}. The girls napped for almost two hours today and were asleep tonight in under :30. Maybe things are getting back on track.

Those are the highlights. I still can't believe they are two years old, and while I am so grateful we made it to two, what will be most impressive is if we make it to three. Two. Is. Hard. So far.

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