Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We had a busy Labor Day weekend as we bid a fond farewell to summer by playing in the pool Sunday {whoops, no pictures} and a taking a boat ride on the river Monday...
Captain of the ship, Mallory, and her first mate, Anna Claire.Anna Claire takes the wheel.
Looking for porpoises ~ or dolphins ~ porpoises {what is the difference??}There were many to be seen swimming lazily along the river bank.This one surfaced right beside the boat and nearly scared us all half to death. If I had been faster with the camera, this could have been an amazing picture!One minute Anna Claire was looking for porpoises and the next she was about to fall asleep standing up. I scooped her up and she instantly feel asleep ~ and stayed asleep until we got back to the dock.
Mallory keeps watch for more porpoises while Anna Claire naps.

We're sad to see summer go, but we sure are looking forward to cooler weather. Come on, fall!

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