Saturday, February 25, 2012


We've got a little problem with whining over here. We made it through the temper tantrum phase with Mallory a while back, and now Anna Claire is trying our patience big time with the whining ~ over everything...sippy cup the wrong color, missing lovies which inevitably end up to be right beside her, too much toothpaste on her toothbrush, chair pushed too close to the table, not wanting her hair brushed, Mallory's leg touching get the idea.

When Darby mentioned the book The Boy Who Cried Over Everything a few days ago, I didn't even think, I just hopped straight over to Amazon and ordered it. It was waiting for us on the doorstep this afternoon after we got home from running errands, and when I read it I couldn't believe it ~ at the end of the book, the bird dies!

Did you read my post from earlier today? Do you see the irony in this? Two dead birds in one day. Really?

It is a cute story, though, and you should have seen the look on Anna Claire's face as I was reading it to her...she was thinking hard {about the whining and yes, about the dead bird, too}. Despite the dead bird, I think this little book might go a long way in helping us curtail all the whining going on around here.

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