Monday, January 6, 2014

The Tooth Fairy Has Paid Us a Visit

Anna Claire lost her very first tooth Saturday night!

We were in the car riding home from dinner at Carrabbas {yummy!} and she "wiggled it out" as she likes to tell everyone. She was SO excited, particularly because it didn't hurt or bleed. Her tooth had been loose for about two weeks and was ready to fall out to the point that we were being very careful anytime she was eating. We didn't want her to swallow it!

I did my best to capture some video with my phone, but it was dark in the car, so you pretty much just have to listen...

The Tooth Fairy left her $5, all in ones, in her new Tooth Fairy pillow that I whipped up just in time. She has decided to save her money until her next tooth falls out because she wants to have enough to buy a Kristoff doll to go with the Anna and Elsa dolls Santa brought, and she shared $1 with Mallory who wants so badly to have a loose tooth that she ate apples all weekend. I guess I need to hurry up and get Mallory's Tooth Fairy pillow made...and buy more apples!

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