Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Update

Anna Claire has "gone potty" every night since our last post. She even pooped in the potty once this weekend. {I know, TMI, sorry!}

Mallory can say pretty much anything she wants and speaks very clearly. Today...uh-oh, spaghetti-o, cauliflower, gigantic, and zip it! {to Cody barking at the back door...hmmm...wonder where she heard that?}. She can rattle off some pretty amazing words, comments, phrases. I've got to start writing things down!

Anna Claire bumped her head pretty badly twice this weekend. Once she was playing {not sleeping} and bumped her cheek on the bed rail, and the other time she bent down to get her lovie off the porch floor and bumped her forehead on the table on the way down. She's looking pretty rough tonight, poor sweetie.

Both girls enjoy the Wonder Pets and spent much the weekend pretending the couch is the fly boat...hours of entertainment!

Anna Claire and Mallory "decorated" {another word I didn't even know they knew} Tanner with every dish towel in the drawer...the things I let them do so I can get dinner on the table!
And, this weekend I learned there is a dragon living under our bed. Mallory found him. Don't worry, he's a nice dragon and we fed him apples. Anna Claire was a little worried at first, but then we looked under the bed together and talked to the dragon. Once she realized that he really was a nice dragon, she was okay and more than happy to help feed him apples.

What a weekend!

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Tracy said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! :) Rowan loves Wonder Pets, should hear her CRACK UP. She especially loves the pee-pee episode (with the puppy.)