Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School

Today was Anna Claire and Mallory's very first day of play school! It was both sad and exciting at the same time. Things got off to a great start when my alarm went off this morning and I realized the girls {and I} had slept all through the night with no interruptions.

Both Anna Claire and Mallory were very cooperative {no meltdowns} this morning, and we got to Granny's house with plenty of time to take some first~day pictures. I wish it had not been so muggy outside and we could have gotten some outdoor shots. I could tell the girls were excited about going to school ~ they were very silly in front of the camera and so cute. This was the best I could get of both of them {sort of} looking at the camera and smiling.Hugs and kisses for the camera...
My little angel...
Getting packed up...
Mallory was wasting no time once we got to the church. I had to chase her down the sidewalk.
Anna Claire hung back a little.
Rounding the corner headed for their classroom with Dylan bravely leading the way...When we got in the room, several little boys were already playing at the sand table and that is exactly where Anna Claire, Mallory, and Dylan planted themselves.
It looked like things were going well, so I thought it was time to sneak out. As I was asking the girls to give me a hug and kiss bye~bye Mallory shouted a big, "Goodbye," and headed off to play...such a big girl. Anna Claire gave me a sweet kiss, but as she hugged me, my poor baby girl started crying which also meant mommy started crying. I knew that meant I had to make a quick exit which was sooo hard. Mom and I walked back around the hallway and peeked in the other door...her tears were already dried up...and can you see Mallory playing on the rug in the background?
Anna Claire had a few more emotional moments, it seems, throughout the day but overall she did just fine. I am so proud of them both. They have never, ever, been left with anyone except mommy, daddy, granny, papa, grandmom, or Aunt Michelle, so today was a really big deal.
This afternoon we got an e-mail from Mrs. Lori with a couple of pictures of the girls painting...

Here's a quick recap of Lori's e~mail...
  • Mallory was like an old pro at this, she never got upset or cried
  • Anna Claire was a little upset when you guys left, but not too bad, she followed Mallory around and observed everything for a little while
  • They all did the activities for the day and Mallory was a big helper
  • We had to laugh today to because Anna Claire walks up to me and goes "I have poop in my diaper" and then later Mallory pooped and she didn't say a word
  • They liked when we played and sang songs at the end of the day

It looks like things got off to a fairly smooth start, and we are so looking forward to the girls first year of playschool!

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