Sunday, October 3, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Friday night Anna Claire and Mallory went to their first high school football game {since before they were born}. I wasn't at all sure how things would go as the game didn't start until the girls' bedtime, but they had a blast! Can you tell?...
They were all decked out in their green and gold {I had to whip up those hair bows at dinner right before leaving} and clapped and cheered at all the right moments while snacking on popcorn and boiled peanuts. We had already planned to leave at halftime, and the girls' interest was certainly fading by that time. Thankfully, the girls made it home without falling asleep in the car and once in bed it was no time at all until they were sound asleep...and we all got an extra hour of sleep the next morning {though I do not plan on making a habit out of staying up past bedtime!}.

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