Sunday, May 6, 2012

Is the Weekend Really Over?

For a while now I would have told you that Disney princesses and My Little Pony were running neck and neck in popularity with the girls, but recently, the ponies have taken the lead. This was a pony picnic...lots of tiny pieces.
Don't get me wrong, this isn't a daily habit yet, but on the weekends the girls usually like to make their beds...they do a really good job and are very proud of themselves {so am I}.

Friday I lugged home a twin mattress from my parents' house so I could "see" the girls' room with twin beds. So, we've pretty much decided that the following are not options {for various reasons}
  • converting the playroom to their bedroom 
  • splitting them up ~ one in the current room and one next door in the spare room/art room/sewing room
  • bunk beds
That leaves us with the only option of twin beds in the same exact spot as the current toddler beds ~ which means the closet door will have to come off. Floor space will be limited, but since the girls don't do much but sleep in their rooms, I'm not too worried about that {yet}.
This afternoon was Brennan's birthday at The Little Gym. The girls  had a blast and asked if they could have their birthday party there. Oops. Had to remind them we'd already ordered invitations and our party will be at home this year {details to come}.

Back home, the girls picked right up where they left off by constructing Equestria complete with Canterlot Castle, Apple Jack's barn and the Everfree Forest.
Our dinner table entertainment...Anna Claire showed us how she could cross one eye. This is the freakiest thing I've ever seen. She told us it's how she makes copies of us {I guess she is seeing double???}.
As if we already weren't laughing so hard we were crying, I thought I'd ask her to roll her tongue, too. What a goober!
 Family Fun Fact: Anna Claire and I are tongue rollers; Walter and Mallory are not!

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holly said...

ha! funny girl. (i can roll my tongue, too. i'm going to ask teh boys if they can tonight!)

so, did you see after all we went through to separate the boys they have decided they want to be together again? i'm having the same issues as you trying to fit everything in one room in a way that works. HARD!