Friday, May 4, 2012

It's Finally Friday!

Anna Claire and Mallory are pretty much recovered from bronchitis...just a couple more days of prednisone. They went back to playschool yesterday and dance class Wednesday night ~ and weren't we so excited that the recital costumes are in!? They're brown!! Yay!! They are dancing to The Lion Sleeps Tonight/I Just Can't Wait to be King and that means they must be dressed as little lion cubs. Cute!

I'm not sure if my sarcasm is translating through my writing, but all that matters is that the girls really are excited. Anna Claire ran around the studio roaring and Mallory wouldn't stop smiling. Nevertheless, every Wednesday we look at the big poster in the waiting room with the pictures of all the recital costumes and the ones they ooh and ahhh over every time are the costumes that look like princesses and brides, and those really are beautiful costumes. But, they seem to be happy with their brown lion costumes {thank goodness} and that's enough to make me happy, too.

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