Saturday, September 26, 2009


Anna Claire has a new found affinity for frogs. Not ponies or kitty cats - frogs. It's the first thing she looks for in her books. She especially likes Freddie the Frog in the Fisher Price Little People books. She can spot him on any page.

The other day I was digging through the bin we keep all the stuffies in looking for Sparky (who incidentally took a dunk in the bathtub last night a la Mallory), and what did I find, but a stuffed frog I didn't even know we had. Anna Claire was awestruck. A real frog to hug and kiss...
Maybe one day he will turn into a prince.

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Melissa said...

Hey! What is your email!!??? I want to ask you about the pumpkin pictures-i LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! Funny thing is-I copy and paste cute ideas all of the time. I NEVER, EVER remember where I get the pictures-hope you didn't mind!!