Sunday, October 4, 2009

The mornings have been cool recently, so before things warmed up, we decided to take the girls to the playground this morning. We started on the swings and moved to the merry-go-round. Neither Anna Claire nor Mallory would stay seated, so we moved on to the slide.I was shocked that both girls wanted to go down the slide all by themselves - over and over and over again. They are so brave. Wait, maybe fearless is a better word.Anna Claire got very excited when she noticed the "mouse" teeter-totter. Yes, she also has a thing for mice, in addition to frogs. She loves pointing out the little mouse (which she pronounces mou) in her "That's Not My..." books, and to see a huge mouse bigger than she is just made her day!Mallory was content much of the time to play in the sand. She sure was dirty when we left.

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Tiffany Lockette said...

I just love taking Zoe to the park. I only wish I could find one that has tons of stuff for her to play on and that is not crowded. The girls look like they had a blast and sliding down all by themselves, doesn't it warm your heart!