Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yard Work

The weather was so nice today (a pleasant change from all the rain we had yesterday), and since it looks like tomorrow is going to be cool and rainy again - and since the girls we already pretty dirty from playing outside all day at Grandmom's - we were able to enjoy the mild temperatures this afternoon before supper.

Mallory is getting her bubble mower ready to go.

She sure is working hard. I'll bet Walter wishes that mower really worked! I think he'd like a little help with the yard work.Anna Claire and Mallory both enjoyed playing in their sand box.
Anna Claire also got into the act of "mowing" the lawn. Just look at those dirty pants!!!
Checking under the hood...
I guess the girls couldn't fix whatever was broken. ;-) Poor Anna Claire has to push her buggy across the yard...Mallory is showing me a bug. You can't see the bug because she is pinching it between her fingers. EEWWW!!!

Too bad we won't be enjoying the great outdoors tomorrow. It seems certain that rain is coming. :-(

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