Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yesterday was our first of three furlough days, which means I did not get paid, so my big plan this long weekend was to not spend any money. I was doing great, and then yesterday my mom called to say the Pink Crocodile was having a huge clearance sale on holiday and winter clothes. She came over and fed the girls lunch so I could run up there and see what they had. I got the girls three dresses (six total). A white candy-cane smocked bishop for next Christmas, a red corduroy dress with buttons down the front that can be worn as a coat or dress and can be holiday or not, and a cute school bus-smocked bishop for the fall. What a deal, too. So much for saving $$$!
Switching topics (but stay with me)...

This is the girls' doll house (a Christmas present from Connor and Dylan) which they love playing with, especially Mallory. After lunch yesterday and before my mom left, I picked up Mallory out of the chair in the living room, stepped backwards away from the chair, tripped over the doll house, and fell (hard). I was holding Mallory on my hip with one arm, and as I fell she toppled forward out of my arms and hit the floor with her forehead. I think I nearly gave my mom a heart attack because I screamed as soon as I realized I was going down. Poor Mallory burst into tears and I didn't know if she was hurt or scared. Thank goodness my mom was there because she was able to scoop up Mallory and check her out while I was flat on my back on the floor. Turns out she has a little rug burn on her forehead but is otherwise just fine. Me? My whole body aches today.


Tracy said...

I'm glad to hear that Mallory is mostly okay, but sorry to hear you are so sore. I keep waiting for the day(I know it's coming) when I take a fall with one of the kiddos in tote. I'm just surprised it hasn't happened already.

Tiffany Lockette said...

Oh no. I hope you didn't hurt yourself any more than just being sore. I'm sure that was so scary. When Zoe was 3 weeks old I missed a step going into our living room and fell with her. She didn't hit the floor but Mommy went down hard trying to keep her from hitting the floor. It scared me to death and I just cried and cried. I am so glad both of you are ok. Those toys do tend to get in the way sometimes. Just be careful.