Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kansas City, Here I Come

I have never spent the night away from Anna Claire and Mallory ~ until now. (;_;)

Wednesday afternoon I have to fly to Kansas City, Missouri, for work. I'll be back Thursday night but not until the girls are asleep. Then, I have to be up bright and early Friday morning for a meeting in Columbia, so I'll be leaving the house before the girls are awake. Basically, I'll be dropping them off at my parents' house Wednesday morning, and I won't see their smiling faces again until Friday afternoon...and I'm not so happy about that!

I will certainly miss the girls like crazy {I don't really know how I'll stand it}, but knowing that neither of the girls is feeling her best is making this {quick} trip much, much more difficult for me than I think it would be otherwise. I had started to tease that I was having to go all the way to Kansas City to get some sleep {not funny, I know, when my babies are sick}, but both girls slept all night long last night ~ no coughing until 4 AM ~ so maybe things are on the upswing! I sure hope so; that would make leaving them a tiny bit easier.

This overnight trip is likely to be longest I've ever taken. Wish us all luck!

{And, as if I'm not upset enough about leaving the girls, did I mention I'll also be missing the opening days of the Rosalina warehouse sale Thursday AND the Flowertown Festival Friday!?!?...and did I also mention how thankful I am to have a job?}

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