Monday, March 22, 2010

Still Sick

Mallory is still not feeling well. She is coughing. and coughing. and coughing. Saturday night we took a quick trip to the after-hours doctor because I just could not stand another sleepless night for her. Every thing checked out fine (ears and lungs) and her strep test was negative. She surpassed the weight limit to receive a cough suppressant and it is helping - some. I love mother-daughter bonding time, just not at 10 PM (and 1AM...and 4AM...). Anna Claire has had a runny nose on and off this weekend and is coughing a bit, but not as bad as Mallory. I so hope she fights this off - whatever it is.

Hopefully both girls will feel better soon. Things are about to get very busy around here.

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Tracy said...

We are fighting the same thing here, but we all have it. And I have no voice. Ugh. Anyway, good to know about that weight limit thing. We just so happen to have our 18-month appt tomorrow, so I will ask about that.

Hope your girlie feels better soon.