Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hanging In There

I will not dare say the sleep situation has gotten better for fear of early-calling it again, but we're not ready to throw in the towel...yet.

The napping situation this weekend was a fiasco, as expected, with this girls not falling asleep until between 2:30-3:00. This is typically the time they are waking up from their naps. As a result, I had to wake them up for fear if they slept too late in the afternoon then we really would have our hands full at bedtime.

I do think we've made some gains at bedtime, though. Mallory was asleep tonight in under thirty minutes after only leaving the bed maybe twice which is a vast improvement. Anna Claire was asleep in under an hour; however, I think she may have left the room somewhere around 20 times. I am not joking. And, while Anna Claire has slept all night long since night one and has been the last one up in the morning, Mallory has been waking up around 3 am since night two {taking about an hour to get back to sleep} and has been the first one up each morning ~ around 6:30 am.

As exhausting as it is to do this Super Nanny-style, the girls are making it easy on us in one way ~ by not crying!!! I think this has made it a little easier for us to stick to our guns because I think it is so important they learn to fall asleep on their own in their new beds ~ just like they've always done in their cribs. Nevertheless, any and all advice is welcome!

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Tracy said...

No advice since we aren't there yet, but we'll do it Supernanny style when the time comes. You guys are doing a great job.