Friday, April 9, 2010

Snappy Strap Cover

I take a lot of pictures of the girls ~ almost daily. Earlier this week, for example, I pulled 600+ pictures off my camera from the last three months {of course, only a small number of those end up here, but I can't delete anything!}. Needless to say, I love my new-ish camera and especially love taking pictures of Anna Claire and Mallory.

I also love browsing the Internet for camera accessories and had been admiring cute camera straps for the longest time when it dawned on me just yesterday that I could make one for much less than I could buy one. I googled "camera strap tutorial" last night and, sure enough, this is what I found {among many others}.

This is the easiest thing I have sewn from scratch, by far {as one might expect, I guess}...
my new camera strap slip cover
I followed the directions almost to a T ~ I serged the seams/raw edges and used my gathering attachment to add the gathers to the solid pink so it has some texture {I saw a strap on-line with similar gathering and thought it was cute}. You might say making the strap cover was a snap!from start to finish, I completed this in under 45 minutes, and like the directions said, the hardest part was turning it right~side out! Now, I'm off to snap some more pictures of the girls...

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