Friday, July 23, 2010

Mallory woke up this morning not feeling so hot; all she wanted to do was sit in my lap and watch cartoons. It wasn't much later in the morning before she was feeling quite hot ~ literally. I could feel her temperature shooting up as she sat in my lap. It seems she now has whatever mystery virus Anna Claire has had for the last couple days.

Poor thing was asleep in the chair before breakfast and slept straight through.
Alternating Tylenol and Motrin is helping, and she played some once her temperature came down a bit, and she ate a great lunch. Hopefully she'll be feeling better soon.

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Brandon said...

That's never fun...hopefully it leaves as fast as it came.

I don't think my photos are that great, but thanks anyway. Most of the decent shots are just luck. I just shoot constantly and hope for the best. You should see the outtakes!

I also know a few things about editing and crop is the best tool ever invented.

The boys just took off down the beach and I was literally running after Owen trying to keep up. He climbed in that hole before I had a chance to take a good shot and his shirt was covered in sand. I was not happy about that at first, but what was I gonna do?